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Jazz Harmonica .org is all about the mission to inspire people around the globe to learn to improvise on this wonderful instrument. In a way that is creative and as easy to learn as possible. Together with many players around the world we help you make music that is unique and that comes straight from the heart.

Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best.” — Henry Van Dyke

Tomorrow you’ll wish you had practiced harder today.” — Tommy Smith

Jazz Harmonica

How to learn jazz harmonica?

Learning is something very personal. Everyone has to find his own strengths and weaknesses and with that comes the process of discovering how you prefer to learn music. At Jazz Harmonica .org you’ll find two inspiring sources for this journey.

  • One is the blog and all the material that I selected and created for you. With videos and mp3s in which I share my ideas with you but also with videos that show you how to apply common jazz practices to the harmonica. So you will learn how to develop your jazz harmonica playing technique and how to improvise in a way that is a lot of fun,highly inspirational and will develop your creativity!
  • The second great resource is the forum where you’ll find great discussion topics and where you can meet many other harmonica players around the world.

Is it really for free?

Yes, most of the site consists of posted articles, mp3s and videos that is completely for free for registered members. And over the years, this site evolve into an immense resource for all levels of playing and all musical styles that are improvisation related! Jazz and Brazilian Music being the current starting point. Only the master classes are not for free. A jazz harmonica master class is a +/- 40 minute video of my playing and explaining a specific tune, musical concept, etc. As a Free Member you can purchase access to the master class you think interesting for you.

I strongly encourage to use this site as a basic teaching aid but also take lessons with a “human/real” teacher 😉 As a Free Member, you’ll have the facility to book online Skype classes with me through an automated scheduling system. This way this site can be used as a source of inspiration and through Skype I can give you further personal directions.

Can I achieve all this?

Yes, there are methods of obtaining the basic competences that will lead you to great musicianship. “If you can talk, you can play.” is what Kenny Werner states in his excellent book “Effortless Mastery”. A great inspirational source for me to create this website for you.

How can I achieve real musicianship?
What you will find here is the focus on mastering simple things to such a level that you can execute them without thinking. The other focus is on removing some psychological mechanisms (thoughts in your head, muscle tension, … ) that can limit you to have fun playing and studying.

So, my aim is that you start to love this wonderful journey of learning to play jazz harmonica and to use the harmonica as an instrument to create wonderful improvised music that is unique to you and highly personal.

Warm regards,

Wim Dijkgraaf (http://www.wimdijkgraaf.com)

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